Technip Benelux


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Technip Group
With a workforce of 23,000 people worldwide, and annual revenues of almost 7.9 billion Euros, Technip ranks among the 5 major players in full-service engineering and construction services in the field of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

With more than 50 years of experience in the design and construction of large industrial facilities, a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and operational bases spread over the 5 continents, Technip Group is able to manage all aspects of major projects at optimized costs, from front-end engineering design to turnkey delivery.

Technip Benelux
In Zoetermeer, Technip Benelux with its 330 employees is active in the design, engineering and worldwide implementation of process plants and units in the oil & gas and petrochemical industry. We are specialized in 3 areas:

Technip Benelux is active in steam cracking furnace design and ethylene plant revamp and expansion projects. We design and supply state-of-the-art steam cracking furnaces using the latest coil designs featuring high selectivity and excellent on-stream time characteristics combined with the lowest environmental emissions at the lowest possible investment costs.

Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas

Technip Benelux is the hydrogen technology center of the Technip Group. We offer services ranging from Basic Design Packages to lump sum turnkey project execution and from operational services to plant optimization and revamping.

Pyrotec is the division of Technip dedicated to the development, marketing and licensing of simulation technology for the optimal operation of ethylene crackers.
With offices in Capelle aan den IJssel, Bergen op Zoom and 's Hertogenbosch Technip EPG provides engineering to the construction, infra, fitting technique, energy & water and the Oil & Gas industry.

Your Career at Technip
Technip offers you the possibility to develop yourself by taking part in dynamic and challenging assignments and through training. With 23.000 employees worldwide (in over 46 countries), you can have a complete career within the company. Did you know that the average employee works with Technip for more than 10 years?

Technip offers many interesting opportunities for interns, starters and more experienced people. We are especially interested in people who have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation, Electrical and Process Engineering.

For more information about Technip please visit our corporate website If you are interested in opportunities at Technip in the Netherlands please visit our recruitment website



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